There has been a huge influx of Chinese students in the western countries, this is because of the era of globalization and secondly the job opportunities that the students are exposed to after their education. For many years students from different countries have been flocking in to the US for their higher education, the main reason for this is huge advertisement of the universities in the foreign countries to attract students from overseas. The whole idea of looking beyond the internal consumption is to maximize the profits and also to give the best facilities to the students who are studying. Countries like India and China are the biggest exporters of their students, student appreciate this movement to a western country to study as they get the global exposure and also a better work opportunity. Study overseas isn’t cheap there is a heavy cost involved in terms of visa and college fees.


One can easily apply a student loan with banks and gather the money that is needed to move abroad. Banks are clearing student loans as they are secured by collateral and secondly then can be rest assured on the student securing a high paid job. The Chinese graduate students are hit with a dilemma when it comes to the job market, as the jobs they are offered requires only secondary education hence graduating and working in china is futile. Colleges abroad have understood this problem and they have cashed in on this opportunity by advertising the benefits of studying in the western world.

Social and culture barriers have often said to be deterrent to the students studying abroad however with openings of English education classes , students find themselves in a better space understanding the western culture and being able to communicate in English. With huge population china is allowing this migration of students to happen as they are aware demographically all the government and private runs schools are running to full and the only option is to send students outside of china to acquire their education.

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